This page details help that you might need when using the map to search. If you cannot find what you need on this page then please get in contact with us and we will do our best to help. If you require general help with Google Maps then you might be able to find your answer on this page.

Full width map

If you want to make the map larger then click 'Full Width Map'. This will make the map cover the full width of your page and may make it simpler to browse the map. If you want to return the map to the original size then simply press 'Normal Sized Map' at the bottom of the map or refresh the webpage. 

Navigating the map

In order to zoom in and out of the map you can either double click on the map in the location you would like to zoom in or use the plus (+) and minus (-) icons in the top left of the map to zoom. In order to move left, right, up or down  click and drag the map in the direction you would like to navigate. If you would prefer to see more of the map then you could try making the map full width as detailed above.

Clusters of results

This is a cluster of results, it will display the amount of results in a cluster with a number. The cluster is shown because there are too many results in a tight area to display them all clearly at your current zoom level. It will give you an indication of how many results are in a certain area. If you would like to see the individual results within that cluster then zoom into that part of the map until the results are shown as individual results.

Individual Results

This is how one of the individual results from your search is displayed. Clicking on the result will display its name as a link which will lead through to a page with more information about that result.

This page was last updated on Thursday, 30 Apr 2015 10:06 PM - if you think this information is out of date or inaccurate then please let us know