If you have any questions or comments about Rainbow Resource, the Local Offer or SEND providers or events in the BathNES area then we may have the answer for you within the sections below.

Any comments or issues raised by you will be responded to by email within 48 hours.

Alternatively you can contact the Rainbow Resource team by email:

Our Local Offer.
What you can expect from BathNES's Local Offer.

How to register.
Watch our YouTube video demonstrating how to register and the benefits of doing so.​​

How to make a complaint.
If you have a complaint to make about SEND services or the Local Offer then please contact us.

Your feedback.
We're really keen to get your feedback on the Local Offer and Rainbow Resource, so please send us your feedback and thoughts.

Looking to contribute?
Get in touch to find out how you can get involved in the Local Offer.

Not found what you are looking for?
Please let us know if you cannot find the information you need through the Rainbow Resource web site.

A helpful list of terms and definitions you might find useful whilst browsing the Rainbow Resource web site.

Using our map.
Rainbow Resource makes use of interactive maps throughout the site - find out how to use them.

Shout Out Advocacy film.

A Shout out! Advocate will listen to your thoughts and feelings about something you would like to stop start or change, make sure you are listened to and taken seriously by those making decisions about you, and help you voice your opinion in the way that you want tell you your rights and entitlements and how to use them.

This film has real life situations where an advocate has helped a young person (actors are used) also there is a second section where an advocate answers some questions that a young person may have about what is an advocate.


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