Planning for Good Health in Adulthood

If you are a parent-carer or a young person (aged 14+) with an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan,  you can find information below regarding planning for health as you prepare for adulthood.

Supporting you or your young person to maintain good health in adulthood is a key part of the review process. 

Your young person may have been receiving support from a Paediatrician and this support ends at 18. The person who will need to know about your young person’s health needs when they are 18 is their General Practitioner (GP)

Things to think about 

  • Does your young person need help to understand their condition? 
  • What good support looks like for your young person to maintain good health 
  • What needs to happen for your young person to stay as healthy as possible? 
  • Do they need a Health Support Plan? 
  • What will happen to any equipment? 
  • Is a Hospital Passport needed? 
  • Can you get annual health checks via your GP? 
  • What are the discharge dates from Children’s Services and who will take over any therapies in adult life? 
  • Will any existing paid supporters continue to support them when they are 18?


Providers and Services to support good health for young people

On Rainbow Resource you can find out about a variety of support organisations that aim to improve the quality of life. 


This includes counselling, support groups and information about keeping healthy; you will find local and national services that provide information and advice to help you with physical and mental health and wellbeing. 

Through Rainbow Resource you can view support organisations that can provide support in health and improving the quality of your life including: 

Sexual Health

Healthy Eating and Diets

Continuing Health Care

Hospital Passports

Exercise and Being Active

Substance Abuse

Young Persons Health Groups

Swimming Pools

Gyms and Leisure Centres

Equipment and Adaptions

Health Services

Please see also see a list of health providers below (external websites) that offer services:

Children's Therapies (Physiotherapy, Speech and Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy at the Royal United Hospital, Bath). (up to 18 years - 19 if young person attends a Special School)
Children's Speech and Language Therapy (up to 18 years - 19 if young person attends a Special School)
Children’s Bladder and Bowel Service (up to 19 years)
Community Learning Disability Nurses (for young people aged 18 and over)
School Nursing
Community Paediatric Service (up to 18 years - 19 if young person attends a Special School)
Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) (up to 18 years)
Children's Community Nursing and Psychology Service
Children's Hearing Service (Audiology) (up to 16 years)
Children’s Hospice South West
Hospital Education Reintegration Service (HERS) – for children and young people who cannot attend school due to health/medical needs
Children's Continuing Care


For information about services for people aged 18 and over with Learning Disabilities provided by Virgin Care, see their website:

Information, Advice and Support 

If you have any particular queries about health provision for SEND in Bath and North East Somerset and would like impartial information please contact the SEND Partnership Service on:

Telephone: 01225 394382 or email or visit the SEND Partnership Service webpages at where you can find a lot of useful information

If you require further advice please visit our information, advice and support section.