The Early Years SENDIT team work directly with professionals. If you are a parent-carer, please visit our Early Years SEN Support page 

What is the Early Years SENDIT team?

The Early Years Special Educational Needs and Disability and Inclusion Team (SENDIT) provide support, guidance and challenge to over 100 Early Years group-based settings and registered childminders.  SENDIT promote and support early identification of needs and effective inclusive practice, enabling settings to improve outcomes for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) aged 0-5 years.


Who can request support from Early Years SENDIT?

Settings can make a request for Area SENCo support via the SENDIP request form.

If parents would like further information regarding this service they should speak with the SENCo at their setting.  The service does not work directly with children and families.


Where can the Early Years SENDIT be accessed?

Each Area SENCo covers a particular geographical area across Bath and North East Somerset.  This service can be accessed through the request form.


How can support be requested from Early Years SENDIT?

A setting must complete the SENDIP request form or make a request via the Portal (when live).


Contact information 

Special Educational Needs and Disability Inclusion Team (SENDIT)
Bath Area
Melanie Da Costa, Area SENCo Advisory Teacher

Keynsham & Chew Valley area and Somer Valley area
Bobbie Rogers, Area SENCo Advisory Teacher

All areas
Verrity Simons, Area SENCo Advisory Practitioner
Julie Adams, Area SENCo Advisory Practitioner (Casual)
Julia Wallcroft, Area SENCo Advisory Practitioner (Casual)

Special Educational Needs and Disability Inclusion Panel (SENDIP)
Nicholas Fortt, Early Years Inclusion and Partnership Manager
Hayley Clark, Early Years Inclusion Administrator

Information, Advice and Support 

If you require further advice please visit our information, advice and support section.