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ABA Horizons believes every child can learn. Especially when given the right tools and support. Despite if they learn differently from you and I. We strive to help young people on the spectrum to maximise their potential.

Based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis, we provide high quality, individualised services. We increase effective learning by reducing barriers that prevents learning. We teach functionally equivalent skills to replace behaviours that may challenge.

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MondayFrom 0900To 2000
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How do people access your service?
They make an appointment

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We understand that Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) programs are expensive. We have tried to be as competitive as possible given the current landscape in the UK. Prices detailed here are not set in stone, and we are open to being as flexible as possible, so you can get the services you need. We are working hard with Local Authorities (LAs) and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to make access to appropriate services easier, for people and families like yours.

Type Of Service
Employment / Education and Training Health
We support the following age groups:
0-5 Years 5-11 Years
Who can use your service?

We provide ABA programmes to individuals up to the age of eleven with a diagnosis of ASD. We can provide ABA programmes at home, in your child’s school or in the community, at a time that is convenient for you.

Inclusive Services

Additional and Special Educational Needs

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How do you aim to meet the unique needs of the child?

We would require you to attend a brief internal screening via teleconference with our Neuropsychologist. This internal consultation's primary focus is to help us determine if Applied Behavior Analyisis is a good fit for your child or loved one. This is because ABA is not necessary for everyone, we would like to ensure that it is the most effective therapy for your child. An Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis is helpful when determining how we can best meet your child's needs. However, we appreciate the difficulty some parents face when trying to obtain a diagnosis which can include lengthy wait times if you are currently awaiting or seeking a diagnosis.

Conditions we support
Autism / Aspergers Syndrome


Physical Environment Accessibility

Is there accessible parking on site?
Is there a pedestrian route?
Are doors 900mm or more wide, with flat thresholds?
Do you have external ramps?
Do you have a lobby / porch area?
Are there interior automatic doors?
Are there wide unobstructed corridors (minimum 1200mm)?
Do you have a lift for wheelchair users?
Do you have internal ramps?
Do you have internal steps?
Do you have a visual / flashing fire alarm?
Do you have accessible toilets?
Do you have an accessible changing room with a changing bed and a hoist?
Do you have an induction loop and / or radio mikes?
Do you have a quiet room or a quiet area?
Do you have an outdoors play area?
Are the outdoor areas well lit (for evening activities)?
Do you have a soft play area?
Do you have a sensory room or area?