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Bath Area Play Project Office
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Odd Down Community Centre
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So that we can keep staff and your children safe, we will ask families to confirm that neither their child attending the playscheme or any member of their household have any Covid-19 symptoms in the previous 14 days to the playscheme dates. Where anyone attending a session shows any symptoms, then all children will need to be collected and the setting closed. All staff and children will then need to isolate for 7 days and the setting will not open.

1. We will ask parents to not come inside the venues. You will “hand” over your child to staff at a 2m distance, using a queuing system as is in place at supermarkets.
2. On arrival, children will be given some hand sanitiser gel to rub on their hands. There will be regular hand washing throughout the day.
3. We do not envisage that social distancing will be possible within the bubble of children and staff and so resources and equipment will be shared but will be cleaned before the next bubble of children use it the following day. There will only be resources available that we can clean. We have not decided whether it will be feasible to clean the bouncy castle or not!
4. All packaging from packed lunches will remain in the child’s lunchbox and we ask that you dispose of this once you are back home. Lunch will need to be packed in a clean container and not a lunch bag as this cannot be cleaned easily, as these will need to be wiped with anti-bac on arrival.
5. We ask that parents queue or stagger arrival and collection times to avoid parents and children gathering together in a group outside.
6. We may take children’s temperatures on arrival and have the right to ask you to take your child home where they have any cold type virus where they are coughing and sneezing a lot.
7. Children will be asked to wash their hands throughout the day, every hour or more frequently. Please share with us how you have helped your child to understand the importance of doing this and methods so that we can be consistent.
8. We will try and use the outside spaces for play as much as possible
9. We will clean hard surfaces after use and also limit play materials to ones that we can clean.
10. We will encourage children to stay 2m apart, providing play opportunities and different activity areas for children so they can play at a distance however we recognise that this might be challenging to put into place!

As you may be aware, the government has asked schools to limit the number of contacts that children will have by using “bubbles”. These are small groups or clubs with the same members. Children cannot move between bubbles/clubs.
Depending on demand, you may be offered one or more days at play-scheme. The same children will be in your child’s bubble or group every time they come to one playscheme. These may need to be the same across all playschemes.
A few staff will need to work across all bubbles e.g. the Playleader. We also may need to reduce the number of places we have each day as staff will also be undertaking additional monitoring and cleaning.

Having read and hopefully understood this, please reply to the following questions by 12th June. We will base allocations on these responses.

Would you like to use the playschemes on the basis of the measures we have put in place? Yes or No

If Yes, which playscheme(s) would you like to use?

a: BAPP Three Ways (5 to 19) 21st July to 31st July
b: BAPP The Hut (5 to 12) 3rd to 14th August
c: BAPP SOFA (12+) 3rd to 14th August
d: FosseWay (3-8) 3rd to 21st August
e: FosseWay (9-12) Tues & Thurs 3rd to 21st August
f: FosseWay (13 – 19) Mon, Weds & Fri 3rd to 14th August and 17th & 19th August
g: KIDS (5 -19) 14th to 26th August

BOP playscheme running this summer 21st - 31st July for preschool aged children 3- 5 years old with additional needs.

YOU CANNOT CHOOSE DAYS! We will have to base allocations on bubbles and the needs of children.

Are you completely flexible in terms of days? Yes or No
If No, is there a day that would be your preference?

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