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Children and young people with disabilities are more likely to be obese than children without disabilities and this risk increases with age. This is likely due to unusual dietary patterns and fewer opportunities to engage in physical activity. Finding a sport for you or your family member to enjoy can be a struggle – with little opportunities to just come along and give it a try. Many sports sessions are expensive, despite the fact that 21% of children in families with at least one disabled member are in poverty.

The programme has been specially designed by our inclusion coaches for those with physical or learning disabilities. It uses rugby and other sports to develop fundamental movements such as agility, balance and co-ordination, as well as giving participants a safe, fun environment to get healthy. Crucially, the sessions are offered free of charge, meaning young people can come and go as they like – give a host of sports a try and work out which is best for them, with expert guidance along the way. The whole family is welcome, whether disabled or not, meaning parents, siblings and friends can join in the fun!

If you think this programme could be for you or your family, get in touch with our Inclusion Coach Becks (

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Children and young people with disabilities aged 7-25 years

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