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Whale Wharf
Littleton - Upon - Severn
South Gloucestershire
BS35 1NP

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About the Organisation

Come and enjoy a cup of tea with us and meet other parents in a similar situation while your children have lots to enjoy. Incredible Kids is a place for families that have a child with any additional needs or disability to spend time together. You don’t need any diagnosis to visit us and siblings are equally welcome. We allow all young people from the ages of 0-25 to attend. Parents are fully responsible for their children at all times but we do have some playworkers who help to lighten the load a little bit.

Entry fee is £4 per family. We have a selection of toys for the whole family to enjoy together including a sensory area, interactive projector, toy cars, train sets, Lego, play tents, ride on toys, role play, soft toys and much, much more. For older children we have a selection of computers and games consoles and a table football which they are free to use with adult supervision.

For new families with anxious children or children needing a quieter space on their first visit, we can arrange for you to arrive as a one off 30 minutes before we officially open on a Saturday. We are not able to do this on the week day sessions, and we need to be pre contacted so we can ensure we are ready for you coming early on that day.

We provide a safe place for families with children who have special needs to come together and spend quality time as a family. We hope to provide you with a short break from the pressures of family life.

We have no restrictions on where a family lives. We are able to welcome families from any area to come and use our facilities.
There is also no need for any diagnosis as long as the family feel their child (0-25yrs) has any additional need (for example but not exclusive to sensory, physical, behavioural, medical) then the whole family are welcome, siblings included. Parents/carers need to stay on site with their children at all times.

Please see our facebook page or email us for up-to-date information on our session times

Opening Times
MondayFrom 13.00To 17.00
WednesdayFrom 13.00To 17.00
FridayFrom 13.00To 17.00
SaturdayFrom 13.00To 17.00AND Quiet sessions from 10am-12am fortnightly, booking required.
How do people access your service?
They can drop in

Service Details


Entry Fee £4 per family

Type Of Service
Activity Provider
We support the following age groups:
0-5 Years 5-11 Years 11-14 Years 14-25 Years
Who can use your service?

Any families who have a child (0-25) with any additional need, no diagnosis needed

Can siblings who are not disabled use your service?

Inclusive Services

Additional and Special Educational Needs

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How do you aim to meet the unique needs of the child?

We provide a safe place for families with children who have special needs to come together and spend quality time as a family. We hope this will provide a short break from the pressures of family life. To do this we will have a large open plan hall with a range of play area which meets the needs of a wide variety of children.

How do you promote positive relationships and ensure good, ongoing communication with families?

We have a parent information table with a variety of information from other organisations and we have volunteer parent advisors who help direct families to other service and resources.
We also invite other organisations to come into our sessions and chat to our families.

Conditions we support
Autism / Aspergers Syndrome Communication Hearing Impairment Learning Difficulty Mental Health Physical Disability Visual Impairment


Physical Environment Accessibility

Is there accessible parking on site?
Is there a pedestrian route?
Are doors 900mm or more wide, with flat thresholds?
Do you have external ramps?
Do you have a lobby / porch area?
Can wheelchair users clear the outer door prior to opening the inner?
Yes, the outer doors are left open, there are then 2 inner doors which we need to keep closed to stop childer wanderin out.
Are there interior automatic doors?
Are there wide unobstructed corridors (minimum 1200mm)?
Do you have a lift for wheelchair users?
Do you have internal ramps?
Do you have internal steps?
Do you have a visual / flashing fire alarm?
Do you have accessible toilets?
Do you have an accessible changing room with a changing bed and a hoist?
Do you have an induction loop and / or radio mikes?
Do you have a quiet room or a quiet area?
Are there different rooms for activities and quiet time?
Different areas within a huge hall devided with half height room deviders and wide doorway spaces
Do you have an outdoors play area?
Are the outdoor areas well lit (for evening activities)?
Do you have a soft play area?
Do you have a sensory room or area?
How many children or young people usually come along to the activity / group?