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Sentas was formed to provide parents and young adults with information, advice and advocacy around issues with SEN home to school and college transport.

Sentas passionately believes that changes need to be made to the way SEN home to school and college transport is implemented by Local Authorities (LA’s). Currently many children and young adults who are entitled to SEN home to school transport are being refused transport assistance by LA’s.

Sentas will campaign for change to ensure that children and young adults are provided with the help they are entitled too, according to legislation and Government guidance.

Their aims are:
•to provide information and support to parents and young adults on SEN home to school/college transport.
•to provide advocacy support on appealing Local Authority (LA) decisions to not provide transport assistance to entitled children and young adults.
•to review LA SEN transport policies against current legislation and Government guidance.
•to challenge LA directly on SEN transport policies that do not adhere to current legislation and Government guidance.

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