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Practical information and insight on UK education for international students. As a disabled person in the UK, you have rights to protect you from discrimination. These rights cover most areas including employment, education, dealing with the police and more.

The Equality Act 2010 and the United Nations (UN) Convention on disability rights help to enforce, protect and promote these rights.

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Support on campus

UK schools, colleges and universities are legally required not to discriminate against disabled students, and not to treat them less favourably than students without a disability.

Under the Equality Act 2010, all universities and colleges also have a duty to make reasonable adjustments to their services, so disabled students are not placed at a substantial disadvantage. These laws apply to international students as well as to students who are UK citizens.

In the UK, most students with disabilities or other special educational needs join mainstream schools, colleges and universities. Support is usually good – UK education centres aim to be inclusive, welcoming places. However, services vary and you may encounter some challenges (see below).

Some students attend schools and education centres specifically for students with disabilities and special educational needs. This may be because they feel they will be better supported in this environment, or because mainstream education centres cannot meet their requirements.

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