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About the Organisation

The school is passionate about enabling pupils with AS, ASD and associated conditions to thrive and succeed both academically and socially.
We provide an environment conducive to nurturing and teaching children with AS and ASD founded on a range of specific models adapted and reviewed as a result of collective staff experience.
Our Mission Statement is ‘Caring and preparing for an independent, successful future through individual pathways of education and learning, promoting self worth and well-being in a safe, positive environment’.

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Employment / Education and Training
We support the following age groups:
5-11 Years 11-14 Years 14-25 Years
Who can use your service?

North Hill House admits children and young people aged 6-19 with autistic spectrum disorders; primarily the students have Asperger’s Syndrome. The students are generally high functioning but we have an array of pupils with very complex academic and social needs and a very flexible service to accommodate these needs. We are increasingly seeing pupils who have very varied academic and social profiles that can also be very ‘fragmented’. These pupils may need a very linear timetable that has bespoke elements to it.

Prior to placement, all students have the opportunity to come to the school and have a visit. Should they wish to spend any time in the classroom they would be more than welcome. We also welcome visits from parents and commissioning officers and our assessment officer will also collate information from parents and the pupil’s current or most recent academic placement.

This information will be audited by the assessment officers and then members of the senior management team and teaching and therapy teams if required. From here, we can outline whether we can meet the needs of the pupils and put this in writing. This process can occur within a few days should a rapid response be required. Pupils who remain with North Hill House and move into the
Post 16 provision are transitioned over a period of 2 terms, both academically and socially to afford them the smoothest transition possible.
External referrals to the Post 16 will follow the same process.

Inclusive Services

Additional and Special Educational Needs

How do you aim to meet the unique needs of the child?

A highly skilled and specialised team of teachers and Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) manage the broad spectrum of abilities within the class group. Their work is founded upon high quality planning, targeting and systems, alongside rigorous documentation of procedures, individual plans and highly creative ways to enable pupils to succeed, make progress and ultimately thrive.

North Hill House follows the principles and concepts that guide the TEACCH system, which are incorporated into the school to help improve and build on the outcomes experienced by the pupils. All staff are provided with specific Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) training as part of their induction into working at North Hill House. This training is revisited on a regular basis. Staff attend at least 5 training days a year, where further training in a range of associated subjects are delivered to ensure staff are equipped to manage pupils effectively and with a high level of

We also have high levels of support to key pupils and highly flexible packages of support that can adapt to the individual needs of pupils.
Some pupils have 1:1 teaching in order to enable them to access the curriculum and succeed. One pupil was unable to attend school and we have arranged for staff to visit them on a regular basis to provide educational input. Arrangements have also been made for this pupil to sit examinations at home, allowing us to build on his self worth and achievement.
We have therapeutic input that works within the classroom, outside of the classroom and within the residential area. The team works both directly with pupils but also offers consultation, advice and training for the whole school.
Literacy is supported within the classroom; there is a specialist teacher who supports aspects of this. Pupils are tested twice a year whilst they remain below expected levels and the results from these assist teachers in their planning. Levels are discussed within the review process until pupils reach or exceed the expected levels.

How do you promote positive relationships and ensure good, ongoing communication with families?

Each young person is allocated a pastoral and academic tutor. Regular contact is made with the parent/carer, including a weekly phone call from the pastoral tutor. Detailed academic reports are provided on a termly basis, which provide an overview of progress, including current national curriculum levels and targets. Close working relationships with parents assist with enabling our pupils to make good progress. We have provided workshops for parents to ensure they receive information and feel supported. We run academic open days where parents can attend school and seek information, guidance and support from a variety of staff that come into contact with their child.
Staff have provided support to the home in the form of meetings, plans and even Individual Care Plans (ICPs) that are implemented in the home environment if needed. Many parents will routinely contact the school or come in to meet key staff when they feel it is necessary. Very close working relationships with placing authorities and social services departments for pupils who have particular challenges within the home environment.

Conditions we support
Autism / Aspergers Syndrome Communication Learning Difficulty Mental Health Visual Impairment


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