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About the Organisation

As a friendly, happy and inclusive school that provides a caring, stimulating and supportive environment, we will work with determination to help all children develop their full potential. We are proud of their achievements and celebrate their success.

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Employment / Education and Training
We support the following age groups:
0-5 Years 5-11 Years
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Inclusive Services

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Additional and Special Educational Needs

How do you aim to meet the unique needs of the child?

Our curriculum is designed to match your child’s needs by offering personalised learning which is differentiated according to their ability and their style of learning. This will develop their skills as learners and help them to become more independent, enabling them to progress and reach their full potential. The classroom environment may also be adapted to suit individual needs e.g. providing a workstation or a visual timetable. Where a child has been identified with SEN, their work will be differentiated by the class teacher to enable them to access the curriculum in order to make good or better progress.

How do you promote positive relationships and ensure good, ongoing communication with families?

Class teachers are happy to discuss how well your child is doing; these discussions do not need to be limited to the regular Individual Support Plan meetings or parents evenings. Some children may also have a home/school communication book so that parents/carers and teachers can monitor progress, record concerns or share achievements.
All reports from outside agencies are passed to you with their ideas for support or resources that may be used at home. Regular meetings (three times a year) also provide opportunities for parents/carers to discuss the curriculum with the class teacher.

Conditions we support
Autism / Aspergers Syndrome Communication Hearing Impairment Learning Difficulty Mental Health Physical Disability Visual Impairment