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About the Organisation

Bath College is a Further Education college located in Bath, offering a variety of professional qualification and exciting leisure courses. We believe everyone can be great. We want to work with our students to unlock their skills. We pride ourselves on providing training for the region’s future workforce by offering courses in both vocational and traditional academic subjects to students from across Bath, Bristol, Somerset, Wiltshire and beyond.

Students of all ages choose Bath College for its diverse range of courses and student population along with the excellent facilities and supportive learning environment. With a thriving programme for international students and courses ranging from entry level to Higher Education, we offer something for everyone.

You can pick from a wide range of full time and part time vocational programmes, teaching you practical trade skills from introductory to advanced level. Some students join an Apprenticeship programme allowing them to earn while they continue to study and learn a new trade. Others choose to take up a new hobby or craft just for fun on one of our new series of Love2learn part time recreational courses.

Our attractive city centre campus is a five minute walk from the main rail and bus stations, offering excellent regional and national transport links. Meanwhile great shops, cafes, restaurants, entertainment venues and the historic buildings of Bath are right on your doorstep giving all our students an exciting and cultured time while studying for their future.

Opening Times
MondayFrom 9:00To 21:00Term time only
TuesdayFrom 9:00To 21:00Term time only
WednesdayFrom 9:00To 21:00Term time only
ThursdayFrom 9:00To 21:00Term time only
FridayFrom 9:00To 17:00Term time only
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They can drop in They book a place

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Free to under 20 year olds. Course costs are applied to over 20 year olds.

Type Of Service
Employment / Education and Training
We support the following age groups:
14-25 Years
Who can use your service?

Any one aged 16+

Can siblings who are not disabled use your service?

Inclusive Services

SEND Contact

Do you have a SEND/Inclusion Contact?
SEND/Inclusion Contact Name
Sally Eaton
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Additional and Special Educational Needs

How do you aim to meet the unique needs of the child?

Bath College is suitable for learners aged 16+ who are ready to take the next steps towards independence. There are very good transport links and support with travel training and reduced cost bus travel. The College campus occupies a city centre position with unrestricted access into and out of the building.

It is a busy college environment with large numbers of students.
There are quiet spaces and lunch clubs to support our more vulnerable learners.
Bath College employs Communication Support Workers to facilitate learners with British Sign Language.
Bath College has a number of ways to help support learners with challenging behaviours that include a counselling service, access to a student mentor, time-out in the Quiet Room, clear expectations as described in the disciplinary policy.
We are unlikely to be able to meet the needs of learners who have profound and multiple disabilities or who need high levels of personal care. We do however have access to regular Speech and Language therapy.
We have experience in working with learners with both visual and hearing impairments. CSW has level 6 BSL and interpreter qualification.
Bath College Staff has a range of experience supporting learners on the spectrum and qualifications up to Post Graduate Diploma level in Autism.
We work in partnership with the NHS to have a college nurse on site part time.
On an individual basis, facilities can be made available for learners who have particular personal care needs, this may take the form of adapted facilities and/or training for support workers.

Bath College offers a wide range of qualifications, from Entry levels, through levels 1, 2 and 3 to Higher Education (HE) covering a variety of vocational subjects.
We have wide range of Enrichment and student participation activities.
We also offer transition planning and meetings negotiated depending on need.

All the courses at college have progression routes and embed employability skills. There is a Project SEARCH programme run in partnership with Sirona and B&NES Council.

Bath College also offers progression onto ProjectSEARCH. This programme is entirely embedded within various departments of B&NES Council offering supported internships for young people with learning difficulties and disabilities. Other Foundation programmes at the College offer real and simulated work experience opportunities as well as a well-established volunteering programme. The Life and Independent Living Skills programme is specifically designed for young people with learning difficulties and disabilities to work towards independence.

How do you promote positive relationships and ensure good, ongoing communication with families?

Come and see for yourself if this could be the right place for you. Visit one of our open days. You will be supported with appropriate advice and guidance from a range of advisers and specialists at the college.

We can arrange for you to meet staff and current students to help you get a feel of college life.

You will have the opportunity to work with our support team to create an individual support plan for the time you are in college.

We will liaise with other professionals and link to your existing plans (My Plan/EHC Plan, LDA/SENStatement/ etc).

Conditions we support
Autism / Aspergers Syndrome Communication Hearing Impairment Learning Difficulty Mental Health Physical Disability Visual Impairment


Physical Environment Accessibility

Is there accessible parking on site?
Is there a pedestrian route?
Is it smooth and with dropped kerbs?
Are doors 900mm or more wide, with flat thresholds?
Do you have external ramps?
Are there wide unobstructed corridors (minimum 1200mm)?
Do you have a lift for wheelchair users?
Do you have internal ramps?
Do you have internal steps?
Do you have accessible toilets?
Do you have a quiet room or a quiet area?
Are there different rooms for activities and quiet time?
Vulnerable learners have access to supervised lunch clubs and may be supported individually outside of class, whilst at college, as appropriate.
Do you have an outdoors play area?
Is this safe and enclosed?
The city centre sites have open access and learners come and go without restriction.
Are the outdoor areas well lit (for evening activities)?
Do you have a soft play area?
Do you have a sensory room or area?
How many children or young people usually come along to the activity / group?