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Linden Lodge School
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61 Princes Way
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About the Organisation

ClearVision is a UK postal lending library of mainstream children's books with added Braille. Our books all have Braille, print and pictures, making them suitable for visually-impaired and sighted children and adults to share. There are over 14,000 books in the collection, including tactile board books, simple stories for young children and stimulating books for newly fluent readers. We have fiction and non-fiction in grade 1 and grade 2 Braille - everything a young reader could want from Spot the Dog to Tony Ross and Dick King-Smith. We also have books labelled in Moon.

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MondayFrom 9To 4
TuesdayFrom 9To 4
WednesdayFrom 9To 4
ThursdayFrom 9To 4
FridayFrom 9To 4

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The service is free to families; institutions pay £50 p.a. membership fee.

Type Of Service
Activity Provider Employment / Education and Training Web Site
We support the following age groups:
0-5 Years 5-11 Years 11-14 Years 14-25 Years
Who can use your service?

Any child with a visual impairment who is (or may in the future) reading by touch; adults who are braille/Moon readers wishing to read with sighted children.

Can siblings who are not disabled use your service?

Inclusive Services

Additional and Special Educational Needs

How do you aim to meet the unique needs of the child?

We aim to provide reading materials to allow children with a visual impairment to share books with sighted family, friends, teachers and classmates. In addition to our dual format print/braille print/Moon books we have a unique range of (mainly handmade) tactiel books in which all the illustrations are designed to be read by touch. These can be borrowed by educational establishment and sensory support services. They are useful for building up touch skills (by children who may or may not learn braille/Moon), understanding illustration and for engagement in reading. They are particularly enjoyed by children/young people whose additional disabilities mean they may never because independent readers but still enjoy listening to a story and exploring the pictures. We are in the process of developing a special range for young people with profound and multiple learning disabilities as well as visual impairment.

How do you promote positive relationships and ensure good, ongoing communication with families?

We communicate regularly with our borrowers and welcome their input. We promote the sharing of books and the reading experience as an enjoyable and important part of family life and important to education.

Conditions we support
Learning Difficulty Physical Disability Visual Impairment


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