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Stay and Play BOP
First Steps Bath BOP

An informal session for parents/carers to remain with their children to play, explore and learn together.
We have an experienced team who work with children with a wide range of additional needs and can help with any concerns over behaviour, development, mobility and more complex needs.
An opportunity to meet other families and their children.
A variety of fun play opportunities that are adapted to the interest of the children and parent/carers who attend.

9:30 am- 10:30 am:

• Mobile phones are not allowed to be used on the premises, in classrooms or gardens.
• Sign in
• Free play- a range of activities and toys are put out in the room. Please support your child to explore the activities and feel free to chat to the staff and ask for support or advice.

10:30 am - 10:45 am:

• Tidy up
• Snack time- we offer: toast, rice cakes, breadsticks, fruit, milk and water.
Please make staff aware of any allergies. This is a relaxed session, please do not worry if your child refuses to sit at the table, refuses to eat, or can only manage a short time.

10:45- 11 am:

• Attention bag- this short session is designed to: engage attention, improve joint attention, develop shared enjoyment in group activities.
Please sit with your child and quietly encourage them to watch the session. Do not worry if your child protests, makes a noise- it usually takes time to get used to the routine.


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01225 830972

Age Range
0-5 Years


Autism / Aspergers Syndrome Communication Hearing Impairment Learning Difficulty Mental Health Physical Disability Visual Impairment